Angela Hoener Artist

Using the backdrop of painting’s trace of time, my work investigates the idea of cultural legacy and the enigmatic nature of Identity. I am suggesting a behavioral-historical context.

The combines induce a shift from viewing to stepping into the picture plane. The impression becomes an inside-out figuration much like entering a portal. By using clothing apparel or fashion cues within the canvas, I am dressing the viewer. The viewer becomes a cross-dresser. We secretly want to be someone else.

Fashion considers the many relationships between gender, class, profession, ethnicity, nationality, politics, economy, and/or technology. Clothing—in addition to being necessary, sometimes fun, and always interesting—is about power. Clothing is deeply symbolic.

The objects used in the paintings are directly taken from the flux of cultural bargaining and commercial exchange. They are agents in the establishment and the forces that surround and trigger how culture and identity are in construct. At once contradictive and yet consciously direct, the construct emulates what is counter to our presentation of the ideal.